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What is design, anyway?

Design surrounds us every day. We cannot escape it. Most of the time it is so indiscriminate that we don't even notice it. Only sometimes do we notice it: when it is particularly good, through its beauty, its functionality.
"For me, the epitome of good design is very closely linked to an experience during my studies: Prof. Heinrich Brummack had a locked cupboard in his lecturer's room. In this he kept design objects that he passionately collected. Sometimes he would open the cupboard, take something out and put it on the table in front of him. Like that the salt shaker and pepper mill by Enzo Mari that Mari designed for Danese in 1973 and said: This is design.

This product is not about formal variants of a well-known theme, but about innovative product design. These two inconspicuous everyday objects have retained their validity to this day. They are timeless.

During my studies I was lucky enough to work with Prof. Rolf Rave to meet someone who encouraged me and always led me to good results. I owe him a lot."
"Beauty is a function."
Rolf Rave

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