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Establishing spatial relationships

Products are always connected to their environment. Combining products in an environment therefore means creating relationships. These should be as harmonious as possible to create a pleasant atmosphere.
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Exhibition stands

In 2005, sdr Systemmöbel GmbH (now S+ Systemmöbel GmbH) presents itself at the imm cologne for the first time. Thomas Merkel designed and organised the annual presentation at the imm cologne until 2009. After a 3-year break, the new company S+ presents itself in 2013 with a permanent exhibition at the Design Post in Cologne.
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Designing kitchens is a complex task. Especially when the chef brings high demands to his job. Cooking is work, so kitchens should also be like workshops. Robust materials that are hygienic even after long use.
"The traces of dignified ageing surfaces give personality. Flush-mounted elements in the stainless steel worktop ensure easy cleaning. Finely coordinated grey plastic surfaces on multiplex fronts represent my calm colour concept."
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For the city of Münster, Thomas Merkel and his team developed an exhibition in the rooms of the regional court. The narrow corridors required a special concept: movable walls that leaned against the walls thus managed without disturbing foot solutions.

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