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Narieda Shinichiro

Narieda Shinichiro 1950 - 2023

Kirishima, Japan

Narieda Shinichiro lived and worked in the south of Japan in a village in the Kirishima Mountains. In his simply equipped workshop in his home, he made ceramics, including matcha bowls and utility ceramics inspired by the nature around him. Unlike other Japanese ceramists who work in famous pottery towns, Narieda Shinichiro developed his own style that stands out from the traditional styles of these towns.
"My enthusiasm began on 5 November 2010 with the first Chawan, which I discovered at teehaus.cöln here in Cologne.
As a designer, I am fascinated by the range of his work, because for me they are all real personalities. I am very impressed by this versatility.
I often experience a randomness in ceramic works that I never felt in Narieda Shinichiro's work. You certainly can't design every glaze bead, but his works always seem precisely planned to me, with the nuance of freedom that underlies the used materials and applied techniques."
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