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Design in the 3rd dimension

Product design involves many different areas. Ultimately, it is about the design of three-dimensional things. A product should fulfil the expected function, be touching through its aesthetics and integrate into the existing environment as a matter of course.
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Furniture is an important part of life, as it is part of the home and thus a mirror of people's personalities. They have been the focus of Thomas Merkel's work for many years. For the furniture manufacturer sdr Systemmöbel GmbH (now S+ Systemmöbel GmbH), Thomas Merkel has so far designed all the programmes, some of which have been successfully produced for years.
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Developing luminaires from wood means in particular making good use of the properties of the material. Three levels of light are created by the material-specific design: Direct light that emerges from the top and bottom of the luminaire, light that is reflected by the wood and light that shines through the transparency of the thin material.
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Thomas Merkel developed vessels that only retain their function by means of a base. Without this, they lose their functionality of preserving the contents and become pure objects whose functionality is limited to aesthetics.
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Industrial goods

For the HEWI company, Thomas Merkel developed a series of variable door handles as part of the team, for whose technical design he was responsible. The customer's condition was to meet the requirements of the fire protection class.

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