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What moves us?

Thomas Merkel's greatest interest is certainly design; the moments in which he encounters good design and graphics, products or architecture move him leave lasting memories.

Cooking is one of his passions that he has been pursuing for a long time. So it is only natural that Thomas Merkel has often been involved in kitchen furnishing.

The subject of Japan has accompanied him for many years. Japanese aesthetics, which create a link between design and craftsmanship, fascinate him just as much as techniques that are hardly known in Europe, such as Urushi or the art of Ikebana. And so he is fascinated by the tea ceramics of Narieda Shinichiro and Master Houzan.
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"On my travels, I am usually in Asia. The impressions I gain are so overwhelming that I am drawn there again and again. The architecture of Geoffrey Bawa in Sri Lanka and the gardens of Made Wijaya in Bali."

Asian Art

Through his numerous travels, Thomas Merkel has developed a great interest in Asian art. The different iconography of the figures, their use and aesthetics fascinate him and have become his passion.

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