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Design in the 2nd dimension

From design to paper selection to print approval, Thomas Merkel has also designed the graphic appearance of the company sdr Systemmöbel GmbH (now S+ Systemmöbel GmbH) since 2004.
In addition to designs for logos and stationery, invitation cards, advertisements, product and project folders, this includes also brochures, sample cards, price lists including illustrations and the labelling of trade fair stands. Furthermore, his repertoire includes the creation of Keynote trainings, films and websites.
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"Drawing is one of the tools of the trade. Today it is mostly replaced by the computer, but it is actually indispensable. Whether at the zoo or on a trip, I always has my sketchbook with me and record my personal view of things."
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Business equipment

The sdr+ logo served as the basis for the development of the S+ logo. Thomas Merkel designed the stationery and the matching business cards for the staff in coordination with the website.
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Many take advantage of the diverse and cost-effective possibilities of advertising by means of postcards. Thomas Merkel designs product and advertising postcards and invitations to a wide variety of events. In doing so, he uses the elements that are already there and reinterprets them. The mostly temporary medium offers him room for experimentation.
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Thomas Merkel developed the concept and created the layout for the planning book and the photo book for S+. The planning book is intended to make it easier for the user to deal with complex systems.
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Thomas Merkel has been working on this topic since 2008. You are currently on his own ninth result. This website was created with RapidWeaver Classic, Stacks, Foundation, etc. in November 2023, which replaces the previous version from April 2022.
Thomas Merkel also created and maintained the S+ Systemmöbel website.

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