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Today, there are very many things that we all don't know and that we might never become aware of if someone didn't point them out to us.

"I am always happy when I discover something new and would like to share this. The products, people or companies presented here are ones I have currently come across and they have reached me, with their design, function or philosophy."

"These are my personal experiences, which certainly cannot be applied to everyone." 1


In 2017 Nanban is born in Milan, Italy, with the purpose of introducing in Italy and in Europe the best out of Japanese production, ranging from classic design to skilled craftsmanship. Nanban aims to be a bridge between two worlds, an attempt to bring in Europe a different idea of Japan, closer to the vitality and beauty of everyday Japan, made out of timeless and essential objects, not only durable, but and above all destined to acquire an emotional dimension in time.

"While looking for Koi-Nobori as a gift, I came across Nanban on the internet. They offer Japanese everyday objects and products by great designers such as Sori Yanagi, Keisuke Serizawa and Masahiro Mori."

Native & Co

Native & Co is a London-based design studio founded by British-Japanese Chris Yoshiro Green and Taiwanese-born Sharon Jo-Yun Hung. The concept store presents classic and contemporary home pieces from Japan and Taiwan. Native & Co believes in discreet and subtle pieces made with purity.

"They offer exceptional, mainly Japanese products, a coherent selection at a high, consistent level and very good, personal service. And their corporate identity is very quiet, subtle and consistent, right down to the packaging material."

Studio Kalff

Designer Roos Kalff developed an aesthetic language that combines past and present, reflecting historical designs in a contemporary approach to functionality and sustainability. For the glassware series, Studio Kalff uses vintage glassware as a material base to create new lighting and table pieces, changing the form and function of the original objects. All glassware is handmade and unique and consists of individually selected elements.

"I first became aware of Studio Kalff's work in Maastricht at Conflict Designmarket. I was immediately taken with the glass objects. No random products but well-considered, sensitively designed objects, always with an eye for balanced proportions and nuanced colours."

Threads of Life

Threads of Life works directly with over 1,000 women in more than 35 cooperative groups on islands from Kalimantan to Timor. The common question of these cooperatives is: "How do we preserve our culture and identity while earning a living?" The business model uses real markets to reward cultural integrity, promote environmental protection and empower families in some of the poorest areas of the world to lift themselves out of poverty.

"In November 2018, I came across the Threads of Life gallery in Ubud, Bali. They offer high quality, authentic textiles and basketry from all over Indonesia, which you can easily order in their online shop, even without travelling. The unique items supplied come with a passport, the place and year of manufacture and, in the case of textiles, a photo of the weaver."

by mölle

Mölle is the word for mill in their local dialect, and the studio is based in Dalfsen in the Dutch countryside. Von Mölle was born from a love of making a positive impact on the earth. A shared passion for sustainable, fine textiles and handmade quality goods. What they couldn't find, they decided to make.

"I discovered the company through products that Manufactum had in their range. Primarily, they make an extensive collection of home textiles from European linen in their own workshops. The goods come beautifully packaged in white tissue paper and their service is very personal."

Atelier NL

Atelier NL - Nadine Sterk and Lonny van Ryswyck - develops products that demonstrate the richness of the earth and the value of local raw materials. Each earthly element tells a different story and results in a different product. Atelier NL's work is based on a passionate and unique research method that analyses the hidden narratives of the earth and everything it produces.

"I saw the ClayService for the first time at Messing Müller in Cologne. The collection around the ClayService was completed with ZandGlas, a mouth-blown glass series consisting of different, regional mostly Dutch sands."

1 this is always unpaid advertising

"For me, it's not about always getting the most out of everything, but finding and sharing the good and supporting those who are doing something valuable in my eyes."

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