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Furniture systems

For many years, Thomas Merkel's work has focused on designing furniture systems.
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The construction for a piece of furniture was created in 1993 from a typical connecting element for aluminium. In 2018, it was revised, simplified and supplemented. Nitō is simple, light, stands freely in the room and comes home fully assembled. Like a bridge, it is firmly riveted and functionally complemented by various accessories.
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Side Table Kanji

The design of the Kanji side table series was inspired by the characters of the Japanese language. Just as the thickness of the strokes varies in calligraphy with a bamboo nib, Kanji changes when viewed spatially: its shape appears linear or two-dimensional depending on the angle of view. Kanji is based on a complex manufacturing process, as the tables are each made from a single strip of sheet metal whose ends only almost touch.
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Side Table Kaiser

The side tables, each consisting of two identical elements, unite the exciting contrast between the low material thickness of the table surface and the voluminous plinth-like base. A play of geometric shapes and the evolution of a 2-dimensional material into a 3-dimensional structure.
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Lotus Table

Der Reiz der Lotustische liegt im Detail. Tischplatte und Beine scheinen ineinander über zu gehen und doch können die Beine für den Transport entfernt werden. Es ist ein Tischprogramm, dass sich aufgrund seiner reduzierten Formensprache mit vielen unterschiedlichen Stühlen kombinieren lässt.
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The Wallboard by Thomas Merkel takes up the idea of a single shelf. The shape is familiar, but the material is new: 2 mm sheet steel bent in one piece. Elegant form, high functionality and can be used as a single piece as well as in combination with System M.
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System M Shelf and Sideboard

System M is the most important product for S+. System M is the result of 16 years of experience with system furniture. System M is the basis for the things in life. The base is usually subject to a lot of wear and tear. That's why it should be solid and durable. This applies not only to the technology, but also to the appearance. Everything can be rearranged and many things can be changed.
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Side Table M05

In 2010, the M05 side table programme was created for sdr+. 4 different heights, 4 different tray shapes and various materials allow an adapted use. The trays are removable. What connects them? All trays have exactly the same size. Finely coordinated shades of grey combined with natural colours of aluminium and wood characterise the design by Thomas Merkel.
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Table M04

sdr+ is showing the Table M04 for the first time at the imm cologne 2008. A table programme that has been reduced to the bare essentials: tabletop and legs. A single detail: adapters, which serve to integrate the legs into the top, also connect these elements visually.
The furniture systems are available from S+ Systemmöbel
The following products were created in collaboration with Dieter Rams for sdr+ and are no longer in production today.
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Wardrobe Program 030
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Set Table Program 010
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Container Program 980/981

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